New Century Partnership, LLC (NCP) is a full-service business advisory and consulting firm with a strong emphasis on healthcare. By identifying opportunities and strengthening partner relationships, our business development and consulting services are designed to help your firm grow. Additionally, with the inherent complex dynamics of the healthcare industry, our experience and expertise help bridge gaps for our clients. Through our versatile, multifaceted approach, we serve as a guide for entrepreneurs in numerous industries to identify solutions and achieve results.

Ruben E. Garcia

Ruben E. Garcia has worked in the healthcare industry since 1991 in management and executive-level positions for nationwide publicly traded managed care organizations. He has managed large provider organizations, including multi-specialty medical homes, primary care networks, and home healthcare providers.

Ruben’s expertise and knowledge have allowed him to specialize in analyzing new and struggling businesses regarding their finances, operations, and technological sophistication.

Over the years, he has been successful in identifying significant, high-profile business opportunities, and his appreciation and commitment to continuous quality improvement have enabled him to lead failing healthcare delivery systems to success.

Rene Garcia

State Senator Rene Garcia is the son of Cuban exiles, who was born and raised in the City of Hialeah. Senator Garcia is a Florida International University alumnus, obtaining his bachelor’s degree in Political Science and completed a master’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Health Policy and Management from the University of Miami.

He was first elected to the City of Hialeah Council in 1997. In 2000, Senator Garcia was elected to the Florida House of Representatives and the Florida Senate in 2010. Throughout his years of public service, he has been a relentless advocate for children, elderly, the disabled and veterans, working tirelessly to ensure all Floridians have access to quality healthcare. As former Chair of the Health and Human Services Appropriations Subcommittee in the Florida Senate and Chair of Health Policy in the Florida House of Representatives, he’s gained a unique perspective and understanding of the interrelationship of policy and appropriations.

He started his professional career working for CAC Care Plus (A Medicare HMO) as Director of Community Affairs, where he served as a patient advocate for the health plans. Subsequently, after obtaining his MBA, he completed an Administrative Fellowship at Cedars Hospital. During his fellowship program, he gained the knowledge and experience about the management of the day-to-day operations of a major hospital with over four-hundred beds in South Florida. In his role, he worked collaboratively with Cedars’ medical staff and administrative personnel to ensure patients were receiving the highest quality of care and services. After completing his Fellowship at Cedars, he went on to work at Mercy Hospital as Senior Vice President of External Affairs, overseeing the hospital’s marketing and public relations department. Currently, he works as Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations at New Century Partnership, a firm he co-founded, that specializes in healthcare services management, business development, and compliance.

Senator Garcia has come full circle in his political and professional career, ending his tenure in the Florida Legislature, serving as Chair of the Children, Families, and Elder Affairs Committee. Throughout his career, he’s been consistent with the same message; the government should be the voice for the voiceless.

TC Wolfe

With over a decade of federal lobbying experience, TC Wolfe has built his career advocating primarily for good legislative policy for primary and secondary and higher education, healthcare and innovation, information technology, municipal government, trade associations, and immigration reform. Wolfe began his career in policy as a Legislative Aide and Committee Secretary, learning the process of law-making while also gaining an understanding of each unique factor outside of the process, which has daily impacts, including third parties, think tanks, the media, and social media.

He lobbied before the Ohio General Assembly prior to lobbying before the United States Congress. His hard work in Ohio proved successful in reversing a governor’s decision to eliminate a state college grant for tens of thousands of students to continue pursuing their education and workforce aspirations. He learned the value and importance of and the complexity of healthcare surrounding social service agencies, including those for the elderly, those suffering from mental and behavioral health issues, and the developmentally disabled. Lastly, he learned of the importance of ensuring fair legislation and regulation regarding small, medium, and large businesses and corporate social responsibility.

In Washington, Wolfe has worked to improve the regulatory environment and rulemaking processes while representing numerous quality institutions of higher education. Student success, accountability to the taxpayers, communities, and students remain a critical driving force in legislative ideas and debate. Throughout a tense dialogue of immigration and border security, he has lobbied for a stable J-1 visa program, Temporary Protected Status for those affected by adverse conditions in their homeland and anti-human trafficking proposals at international healthcare organizations in part funded by the United States of America.

His expanding role in the appropriations process includes successfully funding the Zika emergency supplemental appropriations bill, as well as report language steering executive branch agencies to standards of quality utilizing components of information technology platforms, new to the market.

Wolfe has built relationships with lawmakers and key staff based upon honesty and the truth. His strong ties to Members of the Florida, New Jersey, New York, South Carolina, Colorado, Utah, and California Congressional delegations allow for an expanded reach to policymakers prioritizing many exciting and innovative ideas for good public policy.

Wolfe resides in Washington, DC and maintains an office in Miami, FL and is a proud graduate of The Ohio State University.

Pete Buigas

Pete Buigas began his health care career as a senior executive for a large managed care company, specializing in Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial products.

Pete served as Deputy Director of the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) during Governor Jeb Bush’s first term. Under this position, Pete was responsible for regulating all of the State of Florida licensed health care facilities, Certificate of Need program (CON), managed care industry, and health care professional boards.

As Deputy Director, Pete managed a workforce consisting of approximately 800 people, (11) divisional offices, and responsible for a 300-million-dollar budget.

Pete has lobbied the legislative and executive branches since February 2001, involving numerous health and human service issues. He has extensive knowledge of Medicaid programs and is well-versed with the Statewide Long-Term Care and Managed Medical Assistance programs. He also provides business development advice to private equity funds in the health care sector.

Buigas and Associates have represented primary players in the following industries: managed care, nursing home, assisted living facilities, health, substance abuse, pharmacy, home health, durable medical equipment, infusion, dental, vision, and health care IT. Additionally, our firm specializes in expediting health care licenses and changes in ownership on behalf of our clients. We work with the client to help and ensure that the transactions go as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Pete graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Finance from Florida International University in Miami, Florida and also completed the Harvard Law School negotiations program.

Melaney Cordell

Melaney Cordell is a Senior Associate for Buigas & Associates. Specializing in education and healthcare with both the legislative and executive branches of government. Mrs. Cordell works with clients in various capacities. Such assistance ranges from helping to obtain initial licensure from the state, assisting and expediting in obtaining Medicaid provider numbers, assisting and expediting Change of Ownership for a variety of licenses, troubleshooting with the state’s fiscal agent, preparing legislative strategies, and working to pass legislation.

Mrs. Cordell has been involved with the Florida Legislature for the past nineteen years. Prior to joining Buigas and Associates, she served as the Legislative Assistant to the chair of the Human Services Committee in the House of Representatives. Mrs. Cordell has a background working with client bases that include the developmentally disabled population, Pre-Operative Registered Nurses, Dental Benefits Administrators, healthcare clinics, not for profit organizations, and national associations.

Mrs. Cordell is also active in political campaigns across the state. She has worked on many local, state, and congressional campaigns and continues to enjoy the grassroots effort that encompasses the political arena.

Throughout her career, Mrs. Cordell has assisted in passing legislation, working with the state, assisted clients with navigating through the state budget process, and has continued to stay involved in campaigns. Mrs. Cordell is a graduate of Florida State University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science and International Affairs.